Polar CS500+ CAD Cycling Monitor


Polar CS500+ CAD Cycling Monitor

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Polar CS500+ CAD Cycling Monitor
The Polar CS500+ CAD Cycling Monitor is for ambitious cyclists seeking improved cycling performance. The Polar Cycling Monitor removes the guesswork and gives you clear, accurate data on everything from distance to power output, so you can optimize your rides and squeeze out every possible benefit from every single outing. It features an easy to control oversized display, rocker switch to adjust the cycling computer while riding, dual lock bike mount, W.I.N.D. technology to ensure your data stays your data, and Polar’s DataLink technology to make syncing information as simple as possible. The wireless design is streamlined, clean, and easy to use, you’ll barely notice that you’re wearing it. Three different speed modes let you track your actual speed as well as your overall average and maximum speed.
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