EZ KUT G2 Ratcheting Lopper


EZ KUT G2 Ratcheting Lopper

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EZ KUT G2 Ratcheting Lopper

The EZ Kut G2 heavy duty Ratcheting Lopper is the ultimate in outdoor cutting devices! One look at this tool and you know we’re not fooling around. The jaws have an aggressive tooth set on one side to bite into the cut branch and a smooth transition plate on the other side to protect the bark on the trunk side of the tree. The replaceable streamlined blade is made of sk5 carbon hardened steel, which easily slices through the toughest hardwood! Patented oiler bolts keep the mechanism lubricated by depressing the inserts and adding a drop of oil. Extendable arms are also replaceable and have been contoured for added strength and feature convenient thumb depressors to lock them into place. All rubber non slip handles assure a solid grip and a proprietary strap keeps the G2 locked. Lifetime guarantee on all parts.


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